More and more people are asking their boss to pay the installment

Some may find it very important that now, not only home loans provided by credit institutions, but also those provided by financial companies, the employer can enter the repayment, tax-free.

This amendment is included in a bill now being submitted. We looked and thought Aegon’s customers might be the most affected, they could now ask their boss to get on the payday. There are several arguments to convince, but most importantly, there is no more cost-effective benefit for any company. This aid, which is part of the cafeteria, is completely tax-free. There is virtually no better alternative for the worker or the employer when it comes to wage supplements.

Example: For a $ 20,000 loan repayment installment, the employee needs a gross salary of $ 30,535, but it costs the employer $ 39,237 in total, due to different employer taxes. However, giving the same installment under the new subsidy will cost the employer only 20,000 USD. So, in this example, we earn close to $ 20,000 compared to normal wages.


It’s not a new thing, my boss still pays for my credit


Until now, employer loans were exempt. From now on, the employer can also go into the repayment tranche of loans provided by the credit institution.

Do you think it’s worth asking for support instead of regular wages?

It is important that the wages of the beneficiaries are not reduced. In other words, the salary supplement can only be given in addition to the previous salary. The fulfillment of this condition is examined by the NAV.

Can I get support?

Can I get support?

The grant is conditional on the employee having any ownership interest or usufruct in the property. So you can apply not only for loans, but even for those who have leases.

Your employer can only provide support to those who have what is called a “decent home”. That is, the size of their apartment is “appropriate”. This room and the number of movers are recorded. For example, a family of three may receive support for a 1.5 to 3.5 bedroom apartment.

If we bought a bigger home than the affordable one, we haven’t lost everything yet. Based on the children committed in the future, support may still be available. For example, can be proved by a statement of childbearing submitted to the socpol.

The conditions are checked by the employer or the bank, and after submitting the certificates we do not have to do any more until we submit the statement, in which we agree that the bank may receive our data.

Can I pay my full repayment?

Even so, if the following conditions are met. The amount of the grant may not exceed $ 5 million in 5 years and the total amount of the grant may not exceed 30% of the purchase price or the construction cost.

For an apartment of 10 million, the employer can only pay the full installment if the amount of the remaining installments is no more than 3 million. In the case of higher value housing, the limit of 5 million every 5 years will prevail. Thus, those whose installments amount to more than $ 5 million but less than 30 per cent of the value of the dwelling over a period of 5 years may receive a maximum subsidy of only $ 5 million.


Who does my company pay for my repayment?

loan repayment

If all the conditions are met, the boss can transfer the money to the bank. To do this, the employee must provide the credit account number.

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