Which bank is best to keep our money in?

At Richwin Bank, our main goal is to ensure that the visitors of our site always make the best possible decisions regarding their finances. Instead of tossing small print in announcements, they can compare financial services transparently and accurately. But what if someone is looking for the best bank where you can keep your money safe and get the best possible return? That’s why we’ve created a list of banks that reflect the results of several of our calculators to give you a more comprehensive view of the options.

There is a growing need for more services in a bank. In addition to the transaction fee, low interest rates also force savers not to move their savings often, but to use as many services as possible in one place. That is why we first looked at which bank to hold our money with by examining how much annual fees are used for what can be called average accounts, and what savings of different lengths promise a credit institution. Of course, we also found it important to appreciate the diversity of services available in banks.

Not enough cheap bank account!

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When choosing a bank, it is not enough just to look at overdraft fees, as most people still keep their money in deposit. Therefore, in our comparison we also evaluated 3 deposit savings. For Deposit 1, we looked at the unconditional return on short-term (6 months) savings of $ 1 million, while for Deposit 2, we looked at the ultra-short savings offered to active bankers. credit institutions. The latter was calculated at $ 200,000, as well as on-sight savings. This may be important due to the weighting of the points, as we have added the yields calculated for these amounts and subtracted the account management cost so that we can rank the banks in our list.

Thus, we obtained half of the points, while the other part was based on the diversity and quality of the services. Of course, there is a subjective part here that we don’t want to deny, as there are bank offers we think are useful and there are some that can only move the marketing machines.


Which bank do I take my money to?

Which bank do I take my money to?

So in our list we highlighted the offerings of some banks, green if they were good, and red if they were below average in the field. Based on this, anyone can better personalize which credit institution is right for them. So, keeping a smaller deposit can concentrate more on account management fees, for example. If you want to go even further, let us take ten minutes and calculate where we are best tailored to your needs at Richwin Bank.

EarnWe could only take the first place of our comparison because the Privilegium account family is available through Richwin Bank. Calculated with a Single Account, the picture would have been different. That way, anyone who would bring your money here would definitely want to apply for a cheaper account through an agent, such as the NationBank Calculator. Interest rates are good at the bank, plus you can even save your own home savings, and of course, savings, securities, and other savings. Although the latter are available at almost every other major bank.


Sharepoint Bank takes second place with interest

Sharepoint Bank takes second place with interest

But account management is not expensive here either. Most banking services are available and there are few ATMs to worry about since the introduction of free cash withdrawal. As is the case with ASA, where new account packs perform exceptionally well in comparisons, although credit cards are expensive in the field. A person who has a monthly income of 300 thousand dollars, however, can deposit his / her money with the bank on special terms and conditions, since in case of the OKÉ4 account package the bank always pays according to the conditions stated for fresh money.

In addition to the top three, there are great deals at many banks. For example, OPT Simple is one of the cheapest packages, and we can also choose what we need and why we pay, just pay attention to deposits as they are not too high at the largest EarnHope bank. But in return, there are plenty of other savings options, including the best-yielding home savings, but there are mutual funds, insurance.

The offers of uShare Bank would not be bad if the account management could be swam, which could be published, if 1 million was deposited by at least this person in deposit with them. But unfortunately, this can only be done in one eye drawer.


Smaller banks are not to be missed

Smaller banks are not to be missed

As Grava and MagNet are at the bottom of the field, and they are lagging behind in services only. On the other hand, a cheap bank account will be easy to find here for many who have only a small savings or are satisfied with the deposits available and TBSZ.

In conclusion , let’s take a good look around the banks and try to make the most of our needs. This can never mean looking for the cheapest bank account or the best paying deposit, at least not until the transaction fees take all our money to one place.

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